At, the Event Promoter position (EP) is a great starting point for anyone looking forward to a career in event promotion. Almost everyone in higher positions at (Promotion Managers and Event Coordinators especially) also depend on the simple but fundamental functions of an Event Promoter to help them deliver quality events and consistent income.

After becoming an event promoter at and working at events, you will begin to acquire the experience and skill sets necessary to not only advertise a successful event, but advance within the company. As an Event Promoter you will begin to build and maintain a valuable network of customers and friends that anticipate your invitations and events. You will invite you guests to some of the finest A-List parties and venues in all of Hollywood and the Los Angeles area. Many of the events will be celebrity driven, and covered on television networks and in magazines.

Almost everyone with little to know event promotion experience begins as an Event Promoter. It is the most efficient way to learn the business . Event Promoters are involved in attending events and inviting as many guests as possible in an effort to increase their compensation and develop a large following. An Event Promoter’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:

•Distributing flyer invites to guests

•Sustain constant communication with Promotional Manager

•Using all the tools and features on in order to invite and increase guest list turnout

•Maintain guests and customers informed of the events that are occurring on a weekly basis.

Event Promoter's compensation is based on four major components.

1- Quantity of guests that attend the venue

2- Quality of guests that attend

3- Revenue generated from their guests

4- Number of bottles sold from EP's guest list

Once Event Promoters have an established network and relative understanding of the business, they will be evaluated, and move forward to the position of Promotions Manager. Some Event Promoters advance after their first event. Some are more comfortable with less responsibility and remain Event Promoters indefinitely. The average Event Promoter will remain in the position for 6 – 10 events. If there are any questions regarding the position please contact us. Thank you for your interest in